Solar Systems Design Services

Our engineering specialists and consultants work to develop high quality solar projects that meet the standards of the industry. Our team is ambitious to design also profitable projects.

The feasibility study is prepared after site survey, yield analysis, careful selection of products & vendors, preliminary design of civil, electrical and remote SCADA systems. Then, PC1 is prepared by covering all aspects of the project.

Our team of solar experts design Home solutions, residential solar systems at affordable price by selecting latest technology solar panels, inverters, batteries etc. These include Net Metering systems also, where excess energy is exported and sold to local utility. These services also include solar power plants for IPP’s and captive power use as well as solar pumps and solar irrigation systems.

We also provide consultancy services on turnkey execution of other renewable energy systems like wind power, Biomass, Biogas, waste to energy and their hybrid solutions including micro grid systems (on-grid/ off-grid).